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Are you interested in being a guest blogger on Blogging Authors?  The guidelines are:

  • We will consider articles for posting from book authors or those in the book publishing industry.  The bio/byline must reference the author's book, or, if an expert in the publishing industry, reference to your website will be acceptable. We will not accept articles from individuals wanting to post articles for SEO or SEO firms.  As well, we will not post articles for linking purposes only.
  • Article must be something of interest to other authors or readers of the blog.  It could be a topic or current societal issue that relates to your book.  Or, it could be tips or information about the publishing industry and that's a very wide sweep. We don't want articles that have been blogged and re-blogged already nor do we accept chapters from books or summaries of books. Please send us new content. (Yes, we do check.)
  • Article can't be self-serving. (This means the article can't be about you, your book, or your company. This is not a form of free advertising.)  We are syndicated and the articles are picked up by Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, Reuters, and many others.  The article has to be of interest to them and professional enough for them to reuse. They want original content so that means the article can't show up any other place before it shows up on this site. Don't copyright your article otherwise these places will not be able to post it. If you have an issue with that, don't send it in.  Limit your links in the byline to two.
  • We don't edit - we just copy/paste.  Be sure your article is in consistent font (Romans Times 12 pt is ideal and single spacing,) left justified (no indentations) with no underlining to emphasize. As well, if you are using bold do so for headings of points only.  No bolding to emphasize either. And, no titles in upper case.  We need consistency on the site.
  • On your post date, we ask you to let your followers  know about it: tweeting, posting link on your website and Facebook, sending an alert to your email list, and any other social media venues you have. 
  • We require a short byline which should include a bio, your website address, and reference to your book (if you have one) on each article submitted. (If you don't know what one looks like, please see articles on this blog for examples.)
  • We also require your author photo (headshot) and an image of your book cover (if you have one.)  If you aren't an author of a book, we still need your photo.  Our readers want to know you are real. The images must be jpeg - do not put into the Word document.
  • Articles must be approved by us and we will post them for you.  You will be given the date/s your articles will appear on the blog in advance.
  • We will post only one article per day to give you full coverage for the 24-hour period.  We will also tweet and post the link on our Facebook page.
  • Send your articles/posts to in a ONE zip file only (Do not send each item in separate zip files.)  The first file must include:
    • Article in Word doc. (Edited please! We just copy/paste.)
    • Headshot (jpeg)
    • Book image (if you are an author) (jpeg)
    • Bio/byline at the end of the article.

Don't know how to make a zip file?  Google or search on YouTube "how to make a zip file" and you'll find the instructions.