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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Many people tell me they read to be entertained, to learn about a topic or person, or even to expand their own vocabulary – gain knowledge. Reading fiction can be all encompassing and has been a favorite choice for many over the years. If you think about it, there are always elements of fiction, if even the slightest bit, embedded into non-fiction. There is always a touch of hyperbolized drama inside the true story or else the tale might risk being bland.

Hollywood is famous for making movies and television shows 'based on a true story' and adding so much action and drama it becomes an all-encompassing entertainment event that you kind of, sort of learn about a topic or person and expand your knowledge. Good fiction should be able to take the reader into the story as if it were actually occurring. Or in other words, believable. Better fiction will take the reader to the edge of unbelievable and then bring them back, take them further into unbelievable again, bring them back out and so on until the reader accepts the unbelievable as possible. Great fiction leaves the reader with the notion that 'it could happen'.

When picking up a fictional body of work you should be able to say with confidence silently to that author, "Take me on a journey I never thought imaginable. I want to live it and experience it through the characters you've created, and in the end I want to believe it was possible or maybe, that it might have really happened."

Movie makers, with all the technology can never replace the power of the imagination of an individual’s mind. Great cinema, while amazingly entertaining can leave your brain overstimulated by the external forces of visual imagery and sound. Who doesn’t love a good movie? And who doesn’t talk about and critique movies? When it comes to writing, the author only has your imagination to work with to make a good story. The writer needs you to stretch yourself to the limits.

Sometimes writers, myself included, can get too cute with the unbelievable and we really rely on our audience to review us honestly and critique us truthfully so we can improve our writing and storytelling in order to provide you with the best possible experience. So please review each book you read. That way, the book will always better than the movie.


Tim Dunn is a business executive and award winning author. He’s a Midwest native, married with three children. Tim spends his free time during the evenings and weekends serving his community, writing, watching sports or movies and preparing for the next day’s events. Genetic Memory won First Place - Fantasy in the 2015 Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award. His website, which contains links to his books on Amazon, is

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