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Abstract Art Delivered in Words and Created by You

As an abstract artist, of photos and paintings I’ve discovered that sometimes I tend to be impatient in the way that I express what is in my mind’s eye.  The more patient, the more time, the more trips back to that piece of work allows for a deeper and more complete translation of what is intended to be expressed.  So should it be with writing fiction.

It is the responsibility of the author to present you with the canvas, paints, brushes and other materials through the expression of well written text, and YOU get to paint it in your mind.  How awesome is that!  It is my belief that the best fiction doesn’t give you every detailed description of a scene, or character, but provides just enough of the materials needed for you to create it the way that your mind pictures it and assembles your own unique version of that work.  Then the work is truly yours.  Yours to enjoy.

Readers of fiction partake in the art to soulfully escape into another world.  Why not be the one that uses the author’s gift as a launching pad to enter your own world?  Author’s that give you all the answers, all the ideas are constructing a piece of work that is about their ability to create something interesting or magical, and I enjoy those as much as the next person.  There is another world out there and it exists in your mind’s eye.

Challenge yourself to step into your own mind and discover the potential you have for creating the world of abstract fantasy by looking for works of literature that push the limits on what is possible through words.  I think sometimes we all hesitate to do so because we may not get the answer right, or maybe are unsure we understood the plot, or ending of a story.  Forget that.  It’s your story and the ending is exactly the way that you see it and imagine it.  There is no right or wrong answer.

Interpretation of poetry.  A good fictional work is poetry.  Sure it has an idea or meaning that the writer may be trying to convey, but if written properly there should be unlimited directions that the work could go based on the individual interpretation of that work.  Nothing brings more joy to me than to hear from a reader their critique, and more importantly, their interpretation of my writing.

Pick up an abstract novel and begin painting today!


Tim Dunn is a business executive and award winning author. He’s a Midwest native, married with three children.  Tim spends his free time during the evenings and weekends serving his community, writing, watching sports or movies and preparing for the next day’s events.  Genetic Memory won First Place - Fantasy in the 2015 Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award.  His books are available online. 

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